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» Wooden Houses & Decorative Applications
It is possible to build a house by using only wood. No other construction material offers the same usage . According to recent studies, people prefer wood to build their houses, %40 in Germany and nearly %85 in Scandinavian countries. Wood preference in Germany as a construction material doubled between the years 1991 and 2002.

Because wood is healthy. Wood doesn't hold dust. By absorbing and emitting the moisture in the place, it functions as a kind of moisture regulator. Thanks to its cells filled with air which hinders heat transfer , wood provides higher level of heat insulation compared to the altenatives. Heat conductivity of the wood is 0,13 W/mK. Theferore; wood is used for sticks of the matches, handle of the mechanical equipments and for decorations of the walls and ceiling. Apparent heat of the wood is extremely high. It means that more and more energy is needed to heat or cool one kilo of the wood. Wood needs twice as much heat energy as stone and concrete do. Likewise; it needs three times as much as steel does to heat or cool it.

Because wood is affordable. Durability of the wood as a construction material lasts between 80 and 100 years. It lasts more than that as we see the wooden houses dating back to medieval age. Prejudices that wood needs regular maintenance belong to the time people painted the surface of the wood to cover it.
Earth Contact Without Earth Contact
Unprotected Protected
Oak,Chestnut, Elm,Acacia, Hornbeam
8-12 years 60-120 years +200 years +500 years
Black pine and all kinds of pine
+12 years ,8-12 years 50-100 years 40-90 years +150 years +500 years
Ashplant,Beech, Poplar, Lime
4-6 years -4 years 20-60 years +30 years +100 years +50 years 50-100 years - 50 years
Fir, Spruce
  +4 years   +20 years   +50 years   - 50 years
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