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» Metal - Modular Water Tanks
Metal Modüler Su Deposu Metal Modüler Su Deposu
» Production Alternatives
- Stainless- steel (AISI 304)
- Stainless- steel (AISI 316)
- Hot-dip Galvanize
- ST 37 Coating on sheet steel
- Epoxy Paint
- Electrostatic Powder Paint
» Modular Water Tank Advantages
  • Materials and productions systems adopted by World Healt Organization(WHO): Tanks don't hold bacteria, moss and microp thanks to the structure of the materials .
  • Easy delivery to the places due to being produced in pieces.
  • As a result, there is no need to demolish the walls or the doors in the buildings
  • As being in pieces-unlike the other tanks- you can install it in short period of time and use it.
  • Whatever the place to install the tank is , we give opportunity of producing special designs and efficient use of the place
  • Even the biggest pieces of the tank are designed to be able to pass through the narrowest doors.
  • Although thinner materials are used in modular water tanks, it is possible to have higher level of durability.
  • Because of usage of thinner materials, it creates serious cost differences.
  • As impermeability tests can be done immediately after installation of the tanks, you can start to use them in a shortb period of time.
  • Because of no chemical subtance usage and weld process, there are no unhealthful materials in the water tanks.
  • Maintenance and repair is very easy. It has no regular maintenance need.
  • If there happens need to enlarge or minify the tanks, intended transformation for the size can be done with the part supply of the factory.
  • As the tanks don't need any maintenance and repair and because of the structure of the used material, the cost reduces with the years passing.
  • Modular Tank system is the system developed by taking all these circumstances into consideration. It offers the alternatives according to the feature of the liquid to be stored and to the place, with not only lower cost in proportion to the other tank systems, but also eaiser installation and advantages of durability.
  • Modular water tank system is the system made up by the principle of cool formation of the sheet metal with high levels of tonnage press in the factory conditions. The tanks produced in the factory and ready for installation are delivered to the target place in pieces for on-site installation.
  • As the tanks are in pieces, it creates a real difference in transportation and installation compared to other systems. Because the water tanks are the last need in buildings , there happens serious problems in this stage. Modular water tank system resolves this problem completely.
  • We transport the tanks anywhere in the world with the help of our logistic power and install the place based tanks onsite with our professional team. We deal with the tanks onsite in at most 24 hours in Turkey.
» Modular Water Tank Size
» Modular Water Tank Example Draws